Youth Cabinet meeting 16.03.2021
Youth Cabinet meeting 16.03.2021 avatar

At this Youth Cabinet meeting we discussed youth homelessness and our campaign to lessen it in the Vale of Glamorgan. We invited a guest speaker, Sarah Collier, the Senior Worker for the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Homelessness Prevention Team to our meeting so that we could get a better understanding into the issue. It has enabled us to start thinking about how we can devise a plan to to help end the issue. We look forward to discussing our ideas further at our up and coming meetings and we’ll hopefully share our ideas with you.

During the meeting we also completed Welsh Government’s consultation on their Draft Children’s Rights Scheme 2021. We raised the point that more work is needed to raise awareness of the UNCRC and Children’s Rights specifically in schools and we shared ideas how this could be incorporated into the new Curriculum for Wales. The meeting also gave us an opportunity to discuss our current talking Votes at 16 social media post which encourages more 16 and 17 year old’s to vote at the up and coming Senedd elections on the 4th May 2021.

Remember to register to vote, you can register at We also have a guide over at our twitter @VOGYouthMayor

Finally at our meeting we also welcomed, Tara Reddy, Senior Youth Manager of the Universal Youth Service Provision in Vale of Glamorgan. Tara was able to give us some clarity about the future of Youth Cabinet, she also praised us on what we do at Youth Cabinet.

Ashleigh Watkins Member of UK Youth Parliament.