Whitmore High School ‘Journeys of Achievement’
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Whitmore High School Year 7 pupils have started their journey towards achievement. Here are some of their thoughts and feelings from a recent pupil voice exercise.

On our first day I bought my first brownie. You might be thinking why do we need to know about this, but the reason is it was so tasty and mouth-watering! I did get a little lost on my first day, but I made new friends and they helped me. It was amazing!

Lizzy Brown, Year 7

Cross country was an amazing experience; the whole year group running together. I came 92nd and loved it! My form tutor, Mr. Pullum, was very helpful because I was nervous and he made me feel welcome.

Rhydian Orchard, Year 7

I enjoyed my first day because people made me feel welcome. I enjoyed Spanish, one of our new subjects. The teacher really helped us if we didn’t understand. I was worried about making new friends, but everyone is kind and welcoming. I love learning new subjects.

Lousia Orton, Year 7

We had our first football game in the Welsh Cup and we won 15- 0. I scored three goals. It was great playing in a new team.

Rubyn Dimond, Year 7

My first weeks have been amazing. The food in the canteen is great, my favourite is meatballs. I have made new friends and they make me feel welcome every day. All the new subjects are really good and not scary. I am looking forward to making a fruit salad. My favourite subjects are Science, Maths and Drama. My favourite quote is “Always follow your dreams, no matter what.”

Kate Morgan, Year 7

We completed our first Cross Country this week. It was a great experience with about 170 pupils taking part. A really challenge and I was so happy when I won. I love doing sport, especially football. I have enjoyed it all.

Troy Perrett, Year 7