Vale Youth Cabinet’s Homelessness Task Group Wrap Up
Vale Youth Cabinet’s Homelessness Task Group Wrap Up avatar

Since we originally created this task group we have worked hard to inform ourselves on youth homelessness across the Vale of Glamorgan. Since the previous Make your Mark results showed us that young people in Wales want more effort to go into reducing youth homelessness the Youth Cabinet 2020-21 wanted to form a task group that would campaign to support the idea of reducing youth homelessness

We’ve interacted and spoke with many different organisations and professionals so we have a much better understanding of the topic. Since we’ve looked deeper into youth homelessness, we found that hidden homelessness is far more common than we originally thought. Things like sofa surfing and young people living with family and friends.

The Vale Youth Services’ Youth Homelessness team have been really supportive, Llamau and End Youth Homelessness Cymru have also been very informative working with us. We have decided to spend some time looking at individual cases, families that organisations have found temporary accommodation for and supporting families in need of necessity such as hygiene products and everyday items like pillows.

We created a campaign which we’ve proudly posted on the Vale Youth Service’s social media as well as our own twitter, delivered to schools and will be posting around notice board around the Vale and we are looking to expand the campaign further in the next year by first creating a survey and then delivering on the results of that survey.