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So what went on in our September meeting?

This was our first meeting back after the summer holidays and we  had a lot to discuss.

  • The national Make Your Mark campaign is launched and the ballots have been distributed amongst schools in the Vale to participate in the nationwide vote. The results will all feed back into the UK Youth Parliament and our own work.
  • Local Democracy Week is approaching and we have 3 candidates for the Youth Mayor election.  This election will see our fifth Youth Mayor being elected.  Don’t forget to vote between 15th – 19th October in your school or youth organisation.
  • The Vale Mayor, Councillor Leighton Rowlands, attended our meeting and came to hear about our work and offer his support. We discussed current and past projects and he showed us how his role as the Youth Champion can enable us to enhance our work and have a larger and wider voice in the Council.  His Civic Service will be taking place on 18.11.18 where he will “marry”  the Vale of Glamorgan and he has some exciting suprises for the event.   We’re looking forward to getting involved!

I’ll also give note to the fact that not only is this my last written blog post, it was my last ever Youth Cabinet meeting. I came to the Youth Forum at the start of year nine, over five years ago. From there, there arose talks of a new Youth Cabinet being elected. I ran for the role, there being unbeknownst to me a chain of events to follow that would change my life in so many marvellous ways.

From being the youngest of the founding members there arose some challenges, but I knew why I had been elected and I understood the Youth Cabinets purpose.  To have dedicated my later youth to serving those of the same age has been my honour, to have spoken for them a pleasure.

I express to all of those whom I have worked with my profoundest gratitude, and I give the youth of the Vale my best wishes for a new generation of vibrant and productive young people, not that they need it, of course.

When a page is written on and used, you can turn it over and it’s as good as new, whatever that’s supposed to mean.
Niclas Want.