Super Ambassadors Event
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Vale Rights Ambassadors with the support of the Vale Youth Service and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Office staff welcomed 24 primary schools from the Vale of Glamorgan to our annual Super Ambassadors event this morning at Hebron Hall.

Pupils were able to take part in a number of different interactive activities around children’s rights and the UNCRC.  Many of the activities were delivered by Vale Rights Ambassadors an all pupils present throughly enjoyed the morning.

Schools are asked to elect two Super Ambassadors at the beginning of every year. Super Ambassadors have three jobs. These are to:

  • Inform other pupils in their school about the Commissioner and her powers
  • Make sure other pupils know about about children’s rights under the UNCRC.
  • Do special missions for the Commissioner in their school – these inform the work of our office and have a real impact on our work and on children’s rights in Wales

To find out more information about signing up to the scheme you can visit Sally Holland’s website by clicking here