Student Parliament Elections at SRG.
Student Parliament Elections at SRG. avatar

Student Parliament Elections at SRG

As we adapt to the “new normal” many aspects of school life have had to change, including how we held our elections to the Student Parliament. This September, we held elections within form groups.

After a number of students nominated themselves as candidates, each form has elected one MP. The benefits of this are that during form time we can discuss issues that are important to us and our MP can then take these thoughts and ideas to the meetings.

We are looking forward to discussing issues such as wellbeing; Covid policies and procedures; distance learning; transition; GCSE options; buildings and facilities; behaviour and lots more at our first meetings.

Here are some statements from elected members on why they wanted to be part of St Richard Gwyn’s Student Parliament:

Hi, I am Ollie and in year 11. I joined the Student Parliament because I wanted to help create a more enjoyable SRG. I think Student Parliament is important because it gives us as students the chance to input our feedback and suggestions on what good things the school are doing and how they can improve. It gives the students the voice that they deserve as we are the ones who are in the school to learn. Also, it enhances communication between pupils and staff of the school. My aims for this year is to make SRG a better place for all, to help raise concern to any issues students may want to address and to ensure that all students are given equal opportunities.”

“I wanted to join Student Parliament because my sister has been in Student Parliament every year and I wanted to be able to make some changes to the school just like she did, and is still doing. I think that Student Parliament is important because it gives children the chance to be heard and to make changes that will help their education. My aim for this year is to make everyone comfortable while being educated so that they might enjoy it more.”

“I wanted to join the Student Parliament because I think I could help the school. Also I think it is a great opportunity. I have a bunch of ideas that could help the school and all the pupils. Especially during the time we are living in it is most important we all work and find the most efficient way to stop the spread and if the whole of the Student Parliament work together we can find a better way to keep everyone safer.”