Sixth Form assemblies on the importance of registering to vote.
Sixth Form assemblies on the importance of registering to vote. avatar

On Friday the 23rd of November, officers from Electoral Registration visited the school to encourage sixth formers to register to vote. I’m sure many of us are already registered or registered last Friday with the officer. If you haven’t already though, it’s well worth your time to do it.

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Year 12s in an assembly and how and why you should register

And why should you register? First and foremost, registering to vote allows you, surprise surprise, to vote, when you turn eighteen; there’s no point moaning and groaning about the state of our country if you’re not prepared to do something about it. Even if you’re only sixteen, registering now means that it’s out of the way. If you want to vote in the future, you just have to turn up at the voting booth and vote rather than rush to register a few days before the election.

It’s not just about voting. Once you’re on the electoral register, you can use it as confirmation of identity, proof of residence and applying for credit and improving your credit score.

Registering couldn’t be easier either: you can register online by filling out an online form at; by calling Electoral Registration on 01446 729552, or invitation to register which will be sent to you by post if requested. You will need your National Insurance Number (you will have received a letter just before you turned sixteen with it the information regarding your National Insurance Number). This is your chance to have a choice and to shape your future: use it.

cowbridge vote 2Adam Durrant Year 12 Prefect