New PYA Campaign!
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The next campaign we are working on is the Old Penarthians MUGA consultation. At the pop-up sessions last year at the Old Pens MUGA run by the Vale Youth Service, some young people gave staff feedback about the MUGA and how it can be improved.

Some of the suggestions to improve the area were new flooring and hoops in the MUGA, bins for any rubbish, replacing all the broken wood, painting the current equipment, seating and sheltered areas and some more age appropriate play equipment like skate ramps or an outdoor gym as the park is for young children.

This feedback was passed from the VYS staff to PYA. The PYA chair and vice chair brought this up in the Penarth Town Council meeting. Councillor McCaffer offered to attend a PYA meeting to discuss this with PYA members as she is the Plymouth ward Councillor. At the PYA meeting, Councillor McCaffer suggested that PYA work on a larger consultation to get as much feedback as possible form young people across Penarth on the MUGA.

In a task group, PYA members started working on a set of questions for the consultation. We want to include questions about how often young people use the area, why they use the area and what improvements they would like to see. This consultation will be digitised and sent to Penarth primary schools, secondary schools and youth organisations. PYA members also want to design bins to be used in the area.

If you are interested in joining PYA and helping to improve your local area, then get in touch! Email PYA at: