Messages from Pencoedtre High School Pupils – March 2019
Messages from Pencoedtre High School Pupils – March 2019 avatar

I really enjoy the assemblies that we have in school. Everyone of them is completely different and I learn a lot from them” (Louise Yr8)

“Great team spirit in Year 11! We won’t let the stress get to us! Plenty of revision and guidance for the coming exams and a plethora of opportunities” (Ina Yr11)

“We have just finished our English assessment and I really enjoyed it. We did a film review on ‘The Boy in the striped pyjamas’ and it was an amazing film.” (Lucy Yr8)

“I really like the assemblies that other forms put on for our year group.” (Liberty Yr8)

“One of my favourite parts of Pencoedtre is the support we get, it is so helpful for everyone who needs it.” (Tiger Yr11)

“Nearly done with GCSEs now! 119 days until my last exam – time to revise.” (Angelina Yr11)

“An amazing thing about Pencoedtre High is that if you don’t understand something, the teachers will stay with you until you do understand.” (Morgan Yr7)

“I like the facilities in the LRC – the books and computers are very useful.” (Shannon Yr9)

“I recently attended a Seren event by Dr J Padley, who gave an extremely useful insight into applying to Oxford and Cambridge University. Overall the experience was very useful .” (Sana Yr12)

“In Drama we are acting out our poems, which has really helped my confidence.” (Ellie Yr7)

“I have really enjoyed IT lately because I’m enjoying the topic endangered animals and writing a leaflet pretending to be a company.” (Elle-Mae Yr7)