Messages from Pencoedtre High Pupils
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February 2019

“My favourite thing in Pencoedtre High is all the teachers and how you make new friends every day.” (Amy Yr7)


“I have really enjoyed the Llangranog trip. We did many activities like zip-lining, trampolining, swimming and much more. It was really fun to go on a trip with my friends.” (Louise Yr8)


“I really liked it when we went to the Pantomime. I also really enjoyed doing painting in Art.” (Leah Yr7)


“I enjoy going to dance club and performing new dances that we learn. It’s a really positive feeling when you dance with your friends.” (Shannon Yr7)


“In my opinion, a positive thing about Pencoedtre High is attending sports activities and competitions. There are a variety of new sports that I have tried out which has given me a new experience.” (Ashton Yr9)


“A positive thing in Pencoedtre High is the food because it is well cooked.” (Caven Yr 7)


“My form had a party for one of our friends – we had pizza, garlic bread and biscuits! It was really enjoyable” (Millie Yr9)


“Today we had the best PE lesson because we played benchball and it was really fun. Our team won twice and no one got hurt!” (Lucy Yr8)


“This year one of my favourite trips has been canoeing with My Jones and my friends – it was very fun as it is something I have not done before.” (Lottie Yr8)


“I think that the pantomime was a positive experience because we got to enjoy a performance and we also got to watch the Sixth Formers in it.” (Ashleigh Yr8)


“This year being in year 8 is my favourite because they have a lot of amazing different clubs and there are good trips that go on throughout the year.” (Laura Yr8)