Llantwit Youth Council Updates
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During this term at Llantwit Youth Council, members have had great discussions about up coming local events and international news. Members have also taken part in many different consultations such as the Annual Deliver Plan, the Vale Youth Service’s consultation for a new Vale wide participation group and more.

Due to the pandemic and our member’s own personal commitments we’ve found it difficult to meet face to face. However over the last few weeks e arrangements have been made to meet face to face which we can’t wait.

A new Chair and Vice Chair of LYC have been elected and we look forward to introducing them to you in the next few weeks. We’re holding our next meeting on the 1st April!

The pandemic has also made it more difficult to recruit new members, however we’ve had interest from 10+ young people and 2 of the members joined us very quickly! We’ve already talked about issues around Llantwit Major we are passionate about, such as facilities, provisions, lighting, traffic and the environment. We have decided to look more into how we can improve Llantwit Major’s presentation either by planting new flowers or adding streetlights to the skateparks.

To start the new term of office, we have ready made new Llantwit Youth Council uniform, which we’ve designed ourselves and are looking forward to prepare, plan and host events with that new uniform!

We’ve also had the opportunity to drop off leaflets of various different projects ranging from our own period dignity campaign and Vale Youth Service around Llantwit Major at the comprehensive school, notice boards and local clubs.

We have decided that next term we would like to do more for our environment around Llantwit Major, whether that adding new floral areas or lighting in our local skateparks.  

Finally, we look forward to seeing the results of the local elections in Llantwit Major Town and working alongside the town councilors to make improvement to our local areas.

We are excited to share more in the future!

See below if you would like to get involved and become a member of Llanwit Youth Council or email LYC@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk