Llantwit Youth Council & Sustrans (Active Travel):
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Sustrans & Active Travel… Sustrans is the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle. Connecting people and places, creating liveable neighbourhoods, transforming the school run and deliver a happier, healthier commute.

Sustrans have recently launched a consultation on the Future Networks for Walking and Cycling in the Vale of Glamorgan. If you follow this link www.valeofglamorgan2.commonplace.is you are able to view and comment on the plans they are making for both walking and cycling routes in designated areas throughout the County.

Recently Sustrans invited people to tell them where they believed improvements need to be made regarding walking and cycling networks in the Vale of Glamorgan. They received responses from over 600 people, who made over 4600 contributions. The comments have been taken on board and they are now sharing how the responses have helped shape their future plans.

IF you follow the link above, the map shoes the existing routes that already meet the active travel standards, these are highlighted with solid lines. The routes which require an update to meet designs standards and the new routes are shown with dashed lines and it is expected they will be updated and built in the next 15 years. The orange lines on the map indicate walking routes, blue lines indicate cycling routes and the green lines stand for both walking and cycling routes.

Sustrans, Active Travel & Llantwit Youth Council…

In the previous Llantwit Youth Council monthly meeting held 17.02.2021, the youth council were joined by Sustrans (Active Travel). A short presentation was shared with the youth councillors, with Sustrans stating that although they are happy with the amount of responses they have already received, there is a lack of responses from 16 to 25 year olds. As a result, Sustrans queried whether the youth councillors had any suggestions to increase the volume of feedback from the age group. Llantwit Youth Council members put several ideas forward, these including: Social Media Polls; Online Consultations & Potentially School Visits (IF Possible).

In order to increase their reach to the younger age demographic, Sustrans have developed a short promotion video and a promotional flyer (Promotion Video can be found below).