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The Vale Rights Ambassadors have been busy over the last two months, so we wanted to share an update on their recent work. We’ve been meeting regularly through Microsoft Teams. Using the opportunity to plan and develop a children’s rights video; planning a Q&A evening with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales; as well as working on this term’s mission “Here I Am”. The digital meetings have been a great opportunity to keep in touch with our members as well as sharing vital information as part of their role as Rights Ambassadors. We’re still keeping a fun and social element to these meetings too such as playing Rights Bingo and Rights Pictionary!

Some of our members have been involved in creating a video raising awareness of rights whilst we are unable to hold our annual Super Ambassadors event. We will be sharing our video with all Vale primary schools so their ambassadors can still learn about their rights through fun activities.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to host a Q&A evening with Sally Holland the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. We were able to ask questions about her role; what she’s found challenging as well asking questions around exam decisions. Members were grateful to have the opportunity to be heard and listened to giving their experiences of the lockdown and the firebreak. We even found out Sally Holland’s favourite right is Article 29 – the right to be the best you can be!

Finally, three of our members were able to attend a Community Ambassador digital meeting with other young people from South Wales. They updated the Children’s Commissioner and her team as well as other groups about all the great work they’ve done over the last year. They also found out more information about this term’s special mission – “Here I Am” of which you can find more information by visiting the Children’s Commissioner for Wales website