I AM ME Round Up
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Throughout the month of February, I AM ME celebrated LGBT history month. I AM ME started of the month with a young person led session where they made bracelets to raise awareness of the LGBT+ community.

The session went so well that the members of I AM ME wanted to share this session with other young people who attend our youth club provisions to celebrate LGBT history month. This session received some great feedback from the young people and was a great way of celebrating LGBT history month.

Following this session, I AM ME wanted to further educate themselves about LGBT history, specifically in Wales. I AM ME watched the film PRIDE which was an extremely eye-opening experience and great learning tool for all the I AM ME members.

Finally, I AM ME made rainbow cakes. This was another young person led session and

was a fun way for the I AM ME members to discuss everything they have learnt throughout LGBT history month.

I AM ME have really enjoyed expanding their knowledge and sharing their activities with the Youth Service and they look forward to continuing to learn about different topics and sharing their activities again in the future.