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As school representatives for the dementia friendly community in Cowbridge, myself, Grace Marshall, Megan Austin and Dan Baxter recently attended a meeting in the town hall on the 15th of November for the community’s dementia committee. This was brilliant and we discovered many ways in which the town currently is, and is planning on becoming more Dementia friendly (which I will outline in this write up!)

We have plans in the making for the school becoming more dementia friendly including dementia awareness sessions across the school, hopefully in PSE lessons. We also are planning on inviting people with dementia in the community to our annual OAP concert (this year on the 19th December) and incorporating a carol singing event with pupils and guests as I discovered that actively participating in music boosts neurological functioning in patients with dementia. Contacts from the town committee have been sent to Ms. While for invites.

There is also possibility of cake sales or events to raise money for dementia awareness in school. Another major development in the town committee is Madeline’s project, which is in development and its aim is to raise awareness and help people suffering with dementia. They have recently been given lots of funding and would love if the school could help by designing a logo for the project.

Overall it was an inspiring meeting and we are pushing ahead with events and ways to raise awareness in the school!

Emily Jenkins

Deputy Head Girl.