Comments from Pencoedtre High School Parliament…
Comments from Pencoedtre High School Parliament… avatar

“I recently bought some lovely items from The Welsh Bacc fair, organised by year 10 pupils. It was great to see everyone working and selling things to raise money for charity.”

Ashleigh Watkins

“Today I went to the Duke of Edinburgh meeting in school – we had loads of fun and it is great that we are being given the opportunity to do the bronze award in school. The sessions are run by the Vale Youth service after school every Wednesday.”

Cory Carr

“During this term all of Year 11 have completed their English Oracy examination. Our teachers were very impressed with our work and presentation skills. I was very happy with my piece, although I spoke for 11 mins!”

Williams Ferris

“A wonderful assembly was given by 7EJ all about Advent recently – all the form took part. Also we had house assemblies and a teacher brought her dogs in that she fosters. They are greyhounds that she has rescued from the race track. It was very interesting and upsetting to hear about how they are treated.”

Jamie Preece

“Today I got picked to be part of an NHS presentation which will take place next Monday organised by the careers department. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say as when I am older I want to be an A+E nurse.”

Lucy Tucker

“Year 7 are working hard on their drama assessments – I love Drama.”

Chloe Tudor