Christmas Meeting!
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This week we had our last youth cabinet meeting of 2018.  One of the main thing’s on the agenda was #Let’sTalkYouthWork, we gave our views on the importance of youth work, what it offer’s us now and what it should offer us moving forward.  This is something the Youth Work Board in Wales are looking in to and we think as many young people as possible should tell Keith Towler what they think.

We also looked at the Welsh Government consultation on school uniform because we know a lot of young people have some issues with it.  The Welsh Government are looking at standardising school uniform across Wales so that the same rules apply to everyone.  The consultation talks about school uniform being affordable, easily available, fair for all pupils and changeable, especially when it’s too hot or too cold!

We finished off our Christmas with a Secret Santa & a Nando’s.  How yummy!!