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PYA Spring Term Overview 2022
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March 2022 marks the end of another PYA year. In total, we all volunteered for 164 hours this year across, meetings, task groups, town Council meetings and other events. It has been a very busy year! Spring 2022 saw us return to face-to-face meetings which has been great! Here is an overview of everything we […]
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PYA Autumn Term Overview
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We have been very busy this Autumn term at PYA. Here is an overview of everything we have done since September: September 2021: After finishing our report on the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA survey we started looking at what our next campaign will focus on. To do this, we looked at the 300 tops and […]
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PYA Cwrt Y Vil MUGA Survey
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The survey that PYA created for the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA was completed 58 times. PYA also collected a further 300 ‘dream MUGA’ designs from the year 7 Stanwell students at the Stanwell Teambuilding day in June. Here are some of the results from the survey: How Often Do You Use the Cwrt Y Vil […]
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Project Zero Focus Group
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On the 26th May, members of Penarth Youth Action, Llantwit Youth Council, Rights Ambassadors, Youth Cabinet Youth Homelessness Task Group and the 18+ youth club, all took part in a focus group about Project Zero! Project Zero is the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s response to the climate change emergency.  Project Zero brings together the wide […]
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Cwrt Y Vil MUGA Task Group
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PYA members had their first face to face task group in May! It was so nice to see everyone and catch up after so many digital meetings and task groups! We used this task group to visit the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA. This was really helpful as some of us had never been to the […]
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PYA Team Day
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On April 31st, PYA celebrated our hard work over the last year by taking part in a virtual murder mystery session! Most of our work last year was done digitally on the Cyberbullying Awareness Campaign and the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA survey, we thought it would be interesting to try a digital team day too! […]
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Youth Action Group Chair and Vice Chair Training
Youth Action Group Chair and Vice Chair Training avatar

Penarth Youth Action and Llantwit Youth Council have recently elected new our new Chair and Vice Chair. In February we completed our digital Chair training. In this training we looked at the different roles and responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair, leadership skills and how to chair a meeting. We also looked at how […]
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New PYA Campaign!
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The next campaign we are working on is the Old Penarthians MUGA consultation. At the pop-up sessions last year at the Old Pens MUGA run by the Vale Youth Service, some young people gave staff feedback about the MUGA and how it can be improved. Some of the suggestions to improve the area were new […]
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PYA During Lock Down
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Lockdown has helped us to become more creative with how we can make PYA work! All of our work is currently being done digitally. Here are some of the things that we have been working on! We have been holding digital PYA meetings on Microsoft Teams, these are like our normal PYA meetings but online. […]
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Penarth Youth Action Digital Story
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Here are some of the amazing things you can do with PYA. Dyma rai o’r pethau anhygoel y gallwch chi wneud a nhw GIP.