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Llantwit Youth Council Updates
Llantwit Youth Council Updates avatar

During this term at Llantwit Youth Council, members have had great discussions about up coming local events and international news. Members have also taken part in many different consultations such as the Annual Deliver Plan, the Vale Youth Service’s consultation for a new Vale wide participation group and more. Due to the pandemic and our […]
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Raising Awareness of Children’s Rights
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The Vale Rights Ambassadors have continued to work hard this term raising awareness of the UNCRC – The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Members worked hard during January and February to complete their accredited training, giving them the knowledge to be able to discuss the purpose of children’s rights and how […]
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Vale Youth Cabinet’s Homelessness Task Group Wrap Up
Vale Youth Cabinet’s Homelessness Task Group Wrap Up avatar

Since we originally created this task group we have worked hard to inform ourselves on youth homelessness across the Vale of Glamorgan. Since the previous Make your Mark results showed us that young people in Wales want more effort to go into reducing youth homelessness the Youth Cabinet 2020-21 wanted to form a task group […]
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I AM ME – This Term’s Update
I AM ME – This Term’s Update avatar

During this term members of I AM ME, has been spent facilitating consultation on how to move the project forward. Members looked at the best way of including face to face sessions, as well as considering what types of Agored Accreditations members wanted to take part in. At the start of January members planned a […]
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PYA Spring Term Overview 2022
PYA Spring Term Overview 2022 avatar

March 2022 marks the end of another PYA year. In total, we all volunteered for 164 hours this year across, meetings, task groups, town Council meetings and other events. It has been a very busy year! Spring 2022 saw us return to face-to-face meetings which has been great! Here is an overview of everything we […]
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Make Your Mark 2022
Make Your Mark 2022 avatar

Make Your Mark gives all young people aged 11-18 in the UK the chance to have a say on the biggest issues facing young people. Seven issues are presented to young people on a digital ballot, you vote in schools, colleges and youth club settings throughout February on the topics that matter most to you. […]
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PYA Autumn Term Overview
PYA Autumn Term Overview avatar

We have been very busy this Autumn term at PYA. Here is an overview of everything we have done since September: September 2021: After finishing our report on the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA survey we started looking at what our next campaign will focus on. To do this, we looked at the 300 tops and […]
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I AM ME – Round Up
I AM ME – Round Up avatar

This term I AM ME members suggested having more opportunities to undertake accreditations and training on LGBTQ+. Members also suggested introducing more wellbeing activities into our meetings. Many of our existing members have now moved and as a result of the on going Covid-19 pandemic our numbers have dropped. I AM ME have had a […]
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Youth Cabinet’s, Youth Homelessness Task Group 02/12/2021
Youth Cabinet’s, Youth Homelessness Task Group 02/12/2021 avatar

It’s been awhile since an update, but we’re excited to share more of what we’re doing! Today in the meeting we have reviewed the video which was created last week and the week before in our previous meetings. As well as if we would head into schools and presenting our video and posters around the […]
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Rights Ambassadors Autumn Round Up
Rights Ambassadors Autumn Round Up avatar

It’s been another busy term for the Vale Rights Ambassadors. Members were able to deliver some primary school workshops at the start of the term to three primary schools raising awareness of the UNCRC. Members also had the opportunity to visit a Brownie unit in Penarth to help the girls learn about their Rights and […]
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School Council Network Meetings
School Council Network Meetings avatar

Launched in Spring 2020, the school council network is an initiative that brings pupils from all our secondary schools together to share best practice, promote the work they are undertaking and have an opportunity to hear more about education matters in the Vale of Glamorgan. The meetings are facilitated by the Vale Youth Service as […]
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PYA Cwrt Y Vil MUGA Survey
PYA Cwrt Y Vil MUGA Survey avatar

The survey that PYA created for the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA was completed 58 times. PYA also collected a further 300 ‘dream MUGA’ designs from the year 7 Stanwell students at the Stanwell Teambuilding day in June. Here are some of the results from the survey: How Often Do You Use the Cwrt Y Vil […]
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